I, personally, am true blue WordPress – have been for a number of years. However, I do have experience with Blogger, Joomla, and have dabbled a bit with Drupal (now that I think about it, not sure I’d consider Blogger a true CMS, but that’s ammo for another post…)

Below is an interesting infographic created by WebsiteSetup.org showing some of the major similarities and differentiators between the Big 3.


Your thoughts?

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  • CPC_Andrew

    Cool info graphic indeed! I am true blue WordPress as well, our company has been for years. Just attended WordCamp in San Diego and it was a blast.

    Without a doubt there are some clear advantages, at least from this infographic, that wordpress possesses over the other two platforms.

  • http://www.infotainmentnews.net/ jameshicks

    @CPC_Andrew WordCamps are cool – I’m headed to WordCamp SF next month to get my learn on !!

    Thanks for stopping by THE Tech Scoop

  • http://teekay.me/ MattieTK

    Love the ‘ease of X/Y/Z’ at the bottom! WordPress is very cool for continually updating, blog-like, newsy sites, but for business and more static pages, I definitely think that Drupal and Joomla have a better implementation.

  • http://www.infotainmentnews.net/ jameshicks

    @MattieTK I tend to see more real estate sites that are built on Joomla

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  • http://usedcarstories.com/ carstory

    Great info graphic, you made it very well. I agree with that info wordpress really deserves to be at the top, it is truly commonly use by all web designers, bloggers and etc.,

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