Anybody Still Using ‘Old Twitter’ ?

Anybody Still Using ‘Old Twitter’ ?
August 02 16:46 2011

Hopefully everyone has migrated from the Old to the New Twitter interface at

Twitter sent out a tweet today stating that the Old Twitter UI will be retired officially at the end of this week.

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James Hicks

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  1. MattieTK
    August 02, 17:36 #1 MattieTK

    Finally, hopefully this will mean we’ll be seeing photos shortly and some other new innovations, as I think the old twitter interface was really holding them back from launching anything.

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  2. manyko2
    August 02, 18:21 #2 manyko2

    @badwebsites anyone else using Old Twitter? well, we’re fucked // : P

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  3. 4030lisa
    August 02, 18:22 #3 4030lisa

    @badwebsites nooooooooooooooooo……! :oO

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  4. jameshicks
    August 02, 18:25 #4 jameshicks

    @MattieTK I agree, there was all that initial announcement about photo integration. Hopefully things will move forward now

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  5. 4030lisa
    August 02, 18:26 #5 4030lisa

    @badwebsites New’s crapcrapcrappitycrapcrap!…oh and incase I wasnt clear…its crap!

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  6. RaraAvisStudios
    August 02, 18:28 #6 RaraAvisStudios

    @badwebsites How do we even know if it’s old or new any more? And why did I get a dm from someone I’m not a follower of?

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  7. badwebsites
    August 02, 22:48 #7 badwebsites

    @RaraAvisStudios u’re not SUPPOSED to be able to get a DM from someone u don’t follow- it’s another Twitter Catastrophe!

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  8. badwebsites
    August 02, 22:50 #8 badwebsites

    @RaraAvisStudios u log on directly via the web interface- you SHOULD notice the change, when it comes. (it’s UGLY!)

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  9. badwebsites
    August 02, 22:50 #9 badwebsites

    @manyko2 they’re taking Twitter Classic away from us. BASTARDS!!!

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  10. badwebsites
    August 02, 22:53 #10 badwebsites

    @4030lisa I KNOW. crapcrapcrap. New Twitter is what Rupert the Internet-killer would be doing, if he owned this place.

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  11. mercurie80
    August 03, 17:16 #11 mercurie80

    I was forced onto New Twitter today. I wish they hadn’t. It’s much less functional than Old Twitter. I don’t want to see pictures or videos on Twitter. I just want to be able to make multiple mentions and access my lists and mentions from the sidebar. I don’t want all this clutter!

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  12. badwebsites
    August 03, 17:50 #12 badwebsites

    @RaraAvisStudios they moved me to new twitter! i can’t navigate the damn screen! it’s an ABOMINATION!

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  13. badwebsites
    August 03, 17:51 #13 badwebsites

    @4030lisa they forced me into new twitter. WHAT A DISASTER!

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  14. RaraAvisStudios
    August 03, 18:40 #14 RaraAvisStudios

    @badwebsites You’re really feeling out! Here, have a beer and calm down.

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  15. RaraAvisStudios
    August 03, 19:16 #15 RaraAvisStudios

    @badwebsites Oops, I meant “freaking” out not feeling…hahaha! I don’t have the new twitter yet, don’t want it after your tweets. 😛

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  16. Livefyre
    August 04, 00:39 #16 Livefyre

    @RaraAvisStudios am i “feeling out”? – u ALWAYS seem to sneak the sexual innuendo in, don’t u? NEW TWITTER SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS

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