Personally, I do not really join every social media outlet available. I only have a Facebook account and I haven’t followed Twitter. I only use social media sites for my websites but for creating my own individual account, I think twice.

Pinterest is a bit different. It allows you to bookmark websites in a very visually attractive way. You “pin” your “interests” on boards you make. Networking is possible here as you can also follow friends, boards or just a board you like. Pins can be commented on, shared on other social networking sites, liked or re-pinned. If you have a quality pin, it could get viral quickly.

Currently, Pinterest is still on an invite-only stage. I was glad to be able to get an invite on Twitter last month. Here’s a couple ways how to get a Pinterest invite on Twitter:

  1. If you already have a Twitter account, you can ask your followers if they still have invites left.
  2. You can also use the Twitter search function by putting: “pinterest invite ? -http -rt lang:en” (without the quotes)

I’m not sure how long they give invites on Pinterest’s homepage but it probably takes some time. If you are a bit impatient, suggest you follow my tips on how to get a Pinterest invite on Twitter above.

Anyway, I still have 4 Pinterest invites. You can just leave a comment with a working email address and I’ll be glad to send you an invite. If you’re already on Pinterest, you can follow me there as well.

About The Author

Patrick is the co-founder of which features Hunger Games merchandise and he is a contributor at, an iPhone app reviews blog. Follow Pat on Google+.

  • jameshicks

    Nice tip Pat.
    I’m on Pinterest too – check me out at

  • Mark

    Would like a Pinterest invite!

    • jameshicks

      Hey Mark – I just sent you an email invite to pinterest 

  • Becky

    If you’ve still got any invites I would love one!

    • jameshicks

      on it’s way

  • don

    By chance still have an invite left? Thank you for the offer even if you don’t. Great post and insight as well at nottherealdeal at

    • jameshicks

      invite coming

  • Mike Mahon

    Hi could I get an invite? Would be much appreciated.

    • jameshicks

      @Mike Mahon Invite sent. Thanks for visiting THE Tech Scoop

  • MikeMiche

    james could i get an invite pleas

  • mauvais_langue

    Hi James, do you still have invite?
    If you do can you pop one over to

  • VaibhavArora

    hi James
    If you have a pinterest invite and can share, please do. I’m on
    I travel to off the beaten trail places (mostly within India) and would use pinterest for sharing photos of such places.
    I’m on facebook but never got onto twitter. Pinterest seems interesting to me.