The Importance of Backing up Your VPS Hosting Information: The GoDaddy Incident

The Importance of Backing up Your VPS Hosting Information: The GoDaddy Incident
September 21 13:18 2012

Although VPS hosting (virtual private server hosting) is typically quite reliable, it’s important to prepare for lapses in reliability by being proactive. One way to do this is to back up website information so that a hacked site can be restored at a later time.

Why Pay for Hosting?

Large hosting companies usually afford more security than in-house hosting solutions because they usually have more experience and resources. Although large hosting companies are generally more expensive than in-house solutions, security is typically much stronger with the more expensive option. Additionally,  automatic online backups are common with hosting companies, which can significantly reduce headaches after unexpected system crashes.

Why Backup Your Website?

Web hosts do fail on occasion. Last week, Godaddy, one of the largest providers of VPS hosting to small businesses, was completely shut down by an attack from an anonymous hacker. It is believed that the hacker used a series of DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks with a network of computers to bring down the website, but it isn’t clear exactly what happened.

On the day of the attack, Godaddy published a blog post stating that they were having technical difficulties, which came two hours after many customers began reporting that their websites were not functioning properly and that they could not connect to their hosting accounts. On top of many of the customer websites not working correctly, parts of Godaddy’s website were down as well.

Throughout the day and late into the evening, many users were affected by the outage and even decided to switch to other companies to express their frustration over the connectivity issues.

Hours later, a hacker known as “Anonymous Own3r” was seen posting on Twitter taking credit for the attack, claiming that he relied solely on DDoS attacks to bring down the hosting company. He claimed that the attack was performed to test the security of the site.

How to Back it Up

Because of similar problems that are bound to happen every once in a while, it’s important to backup websites frequently. Backup services are available for VPS hosting accounts as well as the databases that are connected to the website.

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  1. alex
    November 15, 00:28 #1 alex

    Yup backups are really important for any webmaster.. In addition, you should also be aware of the backup solution used by your hosting provider. This will make sure that your data is always secure!!

    Source: Importance of Windows VPS Backup Solutions

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  2. Jilesh Patadiya
    January 31, 21:31 #2 Jilesh Patadiya

    Though backups are very important … It is more important that how you’re taking them? What tools you’re using? What kind of restoration facility you can provide to your clients? Is your server slowing down during the backup process?

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