Everyone knows that doctors and nurses work in places like hospitals and private offices, but what about the more peculiar jobs they can find, such as the ones behind the scenes of a reality TV show? Shows like Survivor and The Biggest Loser have medical staff that is on call 24/7 during filming.

Survivor has been on air now for 25 full seasons. During that time, there have been 37,500 consultations with their onsite medical staff. Three nurses, three paramedics and three doctors are in charge of 400 crew members and 16-20 contestants. They have no power but what is provided by generators. Each Survivor location is equipped with more than $500,000 worth of medical supplies which are used to create a mini ER. This enables the medical staff to treat 99% of the medical issues on location. How’s that for unusual work?

If you ever considered being a nurse but thought you might get bored, maybe there are more options than you thought!

To find out more about medical careers behind the scenes of reality TV, check out this infographic brought to you by nursingdegree.org. If the usual human afflictions just aren’t exciting enough for you, maybe it’s time to find your nursing career in reality TV.

Emergency Medical Staff on Reality TV [Infographic]
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