Whether you’re going out of the country to enjoy a nice vacation or to help with a natural disaster, if you want to stay connected, expect a “bill shock” if you’re not being careful. One in six mobile phone customers have experienced some degree of bill shock, and 50% of those were hit with charges of $50 or more.

There have been mobile users who have experienced mobile bill hits anywhere from $750 all the way to $62,000! Per Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint, a phone call will cost you $3.59 per minute, sending a text is $.50, and sending a picture message is $1.30. Wanting to watch a movie while out of the country? Streaming 10 minutes of a high definition movie will run you $486.40, and if you were to download the HD movie the price is $1,653.76 per 10 minutes.

Avoid these extra expenses by utilizing Wi-Fi networks instead of your data plan whenever possible and turn the data roaming off to make sure bandwidth is not being used without your permission. Also, turn off email fetch and push notifications. Don’t be another person who experiences bill shock; be aware before leaving the country.

What's Eating Up Your Data Plan? [Infographic]
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