A Cloud of Memories: Access Your Favorite Moments From Anywhere

A Cloud of Memories: Access Your Favorite Moments From Anywhere
January 02 11:43 2013

If you’re like my mother, you’ve saved every card, every photo and every lock of hair from every hair cut since the beginning of time. If you’re like me, having so many shoe boxes and photo albums jam-packed with odd scraps of memories everywhere drives you nuts. So, when my mother asked me to help her in organizing her parlor, the first thing I went for was the albums first and risked the traveling down memory lane without the protection of a gin martini to save me. As someone who lives dangerously, I immersed myself into the project and made it my mission to digitize all of her albums and create an online backup file of all family memories. While being waist deep in photo albums is not my idea of a great weekend, I managed to take on and master the task of creating an online scrapbook site and, if you would like to downsize your nostalgia and bring more organization to your past, I’ve broken down the process of online scrapbooking to a few simple steps.

Sorting it Out

Even though my initial response was to throw all of the school pictures and photos of my sister and I donning awful 80s hair and clothes into a bonfire, while laughing hysterically, I resisted and began piles that were categorized by year, event and person. After I had a significant amount of the photos, cards and mementos sorted and their piles labeled and categorized, I moved onto the next stage, scanning.

Cloud Storage

After you sort your images and various memorabilia, get online and look for a secure cloud storage system that will allow you to easily upload and access images, music and video files. I did some research and found a great cloud storage solution that costs only $5.99 per month for unlimited backup at Mozy.com; now my mom can watch her grandkids unwrap birthday gifts anytime she wants from any device that has online service.


If you have a scanner that can allows you to scan several images at once, then this is best. I scanned several images at a time and saved them to an external hard drive and my computer’s hard drive as well as to the cloud storage solution, so I would have several versions of the files backed up. Scan your images, name them and save the files in .jpg format to your folders, then place the saved versions to their appropriate places.

My mother is a little more computer savvy than her friends (who are also in their 60s). She’s comfortable saving files and pulling them up from the online cloud storage solution that I signed her up with. If you or your loved one has a computer phobia, perhaps setting up an online social network page on Facebook or Pinterest might be another option to get photos and mementos online. That way you and your friends can still share photos, videos and lots of memories with friends and family all year round.


About the author: Nancy Silver If Nancy’s co-workers or family need to reach her, they send her a tweet. Yeah, she’s a social media geek and proud of it.

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