Apple makes some of the most innovative and coveted devices of this generation.  Just go to a coffee shop and see how many people are either using their MacBooks, listening to their iPod, or playing Temple Run on their iPad, or talking and/or texting on their iPhone. It is virtually impossible not to see at least one Apple product in use in places like that. Apple has made products that are both popular and extremely fun to use.

While this is all true, our friends at Apple are doing much more than making cool toys.  Indeed, the Apple Corporation is building one of the most stunning financial runs in the history of corporate America.

So, what has made Apple so successful over the years? They didn’t get to amassing four billion dollars in monthly profit without a plan, that’s for sure.  In this infographic presented by, we see that there are three major forces driving Apple’s success: innovation, opportunity, and execution. Take a look at how Apple has taken this threefold strategy and used it to make their mark on the world.