Benefits of Cloud Computing for Businesses

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Businesses
February 08 10:21 2013

Cloud computing is becoming an increasingly popular buzzword in the online community. It refers to a technology which allows users to store and access information in virtual servers (the cloud) without having to install any software or hardware. Since cloud computing systems are easier to implement and more efficient compared to the traditional methods, you can enjoy immense benefits by moving your business to the cloud.

Here are some of the benefits of cloud computing for businesses:

1. Network security
Cloud platforms consist of a large network of servers where information and data is stored and backed up. This ensures that your data is safeguarded in event of a server breakdown. This means that a cloud platform is more reliable than a dedicated server which stores data in one location. In case there is a server failure, you are likely to lose your data due to corruption.

2. Cost effective
Cloud computing has become popular with many businesses since it is practical and doesn’t cost much to implement. Since data is stored in virtual servers, there is no need to purchase and install any software or hardware. Unlike other hosting solutions, you are only required to pay for what you use. Furthermore, no extra software or hardware is required to run cloud programs, which subsequently means a major reduction on business’ expenditure.

3. Lower labor costs
When a business stores information and data in a conventional server, there will always be a need for hiring IT experts to ensure that everything is working properly. This means that the business will incur additional costs for maintenance of the system. However, since cloud computing systems come with their own IT specialists, there is no need to hire more labor. This enables businesses to cut down on their labor costs, as well as energy consumption.

4. Enhanced productivity
Since conventional hosting mostly consists of shared servers, there is usually competition for bandwidth. As a result, users have to contend with problems such as limited bandwidth as well as slow performance. Cloud computing offers a larger storage of data as well as faster performance, thus enhancing productivity.

5. Global clientele
Cloud computing is a global service which can be accessed by people from any part of the world where there is an internet connection. This ensures fast and easy communication and business transaction, regardless of where you are situated.

6. Multi-user access
The cloud makes it possible for your business to interact and share more efficiently with others. Consumers, customers and company staff can access information or data stored in the cloud at the same time.

7. Business continuity
Keeping your systems and data secure is very vital for business continuity. Storing your data in the cloud ensures that it is kept safe in the event of power failure or natural disasters. This reduces any loss of productivity and downtime, thus enabling you to have continual access to the data which you need to carry out your business.

8. Flexibility
Cloud computing makes it possible to carry out business in a more flexible manner. Whether you are commuting, on vacation or at home, you can access data from the cloud as long as you have internet connection.

9. Access to automatic updates
Many cloud computing service providers offer access to automatic updates in their packages. This ensures that your system is updated frequently with the most recent versions of software. Automatic updates also involve upgrades to computer processing power and servers.

10. Scalability
With cloud computing, you can increase or reduce your business storage capacity according to your needs. This allows you to enjoy flexibility which traditional hosting services don’t offer. For instance, in the seasons when your site experiences heavy traffic, you can pay more to scale up your bandwidth. When traffic reduces, you can scale down and pay less. The cloud computing service provider handles the installation of upgrades, thus saving you the time and effort it would have taken to do it yourself.

11. Response rate
Cloud computing services enable faster communication compared to traditional solutions. The cloud updates its database in real time, thus ensuring the quick relaying of information between businesses and customers. Offering customers a fast response is very important for building loyalty.


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