Google Ranking Factors to Exploit and Improve SEO Performance

February 08 11:52 2013

SEODetermining Google ranking factors is a powerful step towards getting higher rankings on the search engine results page. If you can determine what these SEO factors are, you will be able to determine how to tweak it to your advantage.

When the concept of SEO was first introduced to internet business owners and online marketers, they quickly figured out how to manipulate the algorithms to their advantage. But this resulted in a number of websites using black hat webpage optimization in an effort to reach the top, or the first page, of search engine results for a particular keyword. This prompted Google execs to gradually update the Google ranking factors to make it harder to manipulate and to ensure that only the highest quality websites are ranked at the top. SEO services are well aware of what the recent Google Panda and Penguin updates had done to low quality optimized websites so business owners need to look closer when looking for professional services to hire.

An understanding of the SEO factors employed by Google’s algorithm is the key to a successful ranking at the first page. Search engine optimization services are now looking towards white hat SEO strategies to ensure that any links generated for the website look natural instead of being categorized as spam. If you want to maximize the investment you made on hiring such professional services to allow your website to rank higher, make sure they know about the search engine policies and how it helps your business to rank higher naturally.

To exploit these factors, it is important to learn what they are. According to seo experts at , claim that the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have made a huge impact on SERP (search engine results page) performance. Hence, SEO for Google now takes into account the number of shares on both top social networking accounts to ranking in Google searches. Although SEO experts claim that this is not entirely a strong factor, it helps to increase a link’s popularity and thus get more page visits on a website. These sites are also a good place to start for those who wish to start a viral campaign.

Another vital factor that is manipulated by website optimization services is the quality of the links obtained. Unlike a few years ago wherein it is all about the quantity of links, these days the quality is more important. Search engines are particularly looking for links that appear “natural”. This means that link diversity should be what Google SEO services must aim for, rather than focus entirely on optimized links. For example, website owners must not focus on relevant keywords to use as anchor text on links but can also employ stop words, such as “here” or “this” to provide external or internal links.

Also playing a huge factor in Google optimization is the keyword domain. Experts predict that using keywords in the website’s domain can be one of the more powerful techniques for ranking higher. Even though Google execs claim that it will weaken over time, it still hasn’t and website owners must exploit it while ensuring that domain names do not sound or appear spammy at all.

SEO is a tricky business to deal with. You have to update your knowledge about the various strategies that are considered as either black hat or white hat to ensure that your business can perform efficiently. Failure to understand the Google ranking factors not only means inability to perform better at the search engine, but it can also affect your business reputation in a negative way. 


Harris is the president for an online Pets accessories business. He lately came across few factors to enhance performance. He contributed many articles related to Google SEO.

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