Everyone feels better knowing that someone is looking out for them and watching their back, making sure that everything is being taken care of.  That is exactly what the Friends of the IDF do for the Israel Defense Forces.  On an average day, the FIDF is busy implementing support programs for Israeli soldiers and their families. They have programs that focus on the educational, social, cultural, and recreational needs that many IDF soldiers can’t meet on their own.

Since 2002, the FIDF has provided over 6,600 educational scholarships in a program called Impact.  It is for individuals who served as combat soldiers or combat-support solders and who also come from a disadvantaged background. One other neat thing the FIDF does with the Impact program is that they also require the participants of the program to take part in community service.  Thus, the participants are being benefited both by an education as well as by serving their community.

To learn more about the FIDF and what they do, take a look at this infographic below and see how you can get involved.

FIDF summary
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