If you market your business online, chances are you’ve heard of web retargeting. You may even be familiar with Adroll, which integrates with all the major ad exchanges: Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, AOL, appnexus and, as of 2012, social media goliath Facebook. Adroll displays your ads on sites visitors browse later, bringing them back to your site and, more importantly, keeping your brand on their mind as they continue to browse.

Despite both being forms of ad retargeting, standard retargeting and using the Facebook Exchange are very different animals. This infographic goes into detail with data comparing both platforms, including how they rank in terms of CPM, CPC, CTR and Cost / Unique. It goes on to show how despite being introduced in 2012, the Facebook Exchange is quickly picking up speed and is poised to overtake standard web marketing very soon!

Have you tried web retargeting, either with the standard methods or through the Facebook Exchange? Check out this infographic and leave a message in the comments!