4 Eco Tech Gadgets for Smart Drivers

4 Eco Tech Gadgets for Smart Drivers
February 26 11:47 2013

Are you looking to lessen your carbon footprint while on the road? If so, then perhaps one of the latest eco tech gadgets to hit the market might be in store for you. From saving on fuel to outputting less emissions, there are cool new apps and tech for you – the smart driver.

Let’s take a look at a few of these eco tech toys now, below we profile four high tech eco friendly gadgets or ideas aimed at smart drivers which are soon to be or are already on the market.

1. Faster Electric Battery – if you have an EV, then you’re already ahead of the curve from most, but there are things you can do to improve yet even more the efficiency of an electric vehicle. Since these are newer models of transportation, they have yet a lot of room for improvement. Case in point? The battery. There are newer improved batteries in the works for electric vehicles, than were out some years ago. If you were one of the first to purchase the Toyota Hybrid EV when it initially came out, then no doubt quite a lot has changed since then. The electric battery from Korea mentioned above is set to charge completely within minutes due to an improved chemical process.

2. Solar Powered GPS – if you’re an avid GPS user but wish to conserve the electricity from your vehicle, then why not try one of the solar powered chargers on the market which allow you to charge small devices such as a GPS with the power of the Sun. Some models such as the Juicebar Daytripper only cost about $30 and will let you use the Suns rays to charge up while on the go.

3. Try Relay Rides, And Rent Your EV Car to Others – If you happen to own a cool car like the Mitsubishi Mirage (see details here: http://www.carsales.com.au/car/mitsubishi/mirage) or any other cool sporty car, but wish to drive it less; then a good alternative for you would be to use a car sharing service such as Relay Rides or i Go Car. These two local city services allow you to rent out your car or borrow cars for limited use at low hourly or daily rates. The rates include everything from insurance to gas and are usually much less than traditional rental car companies. Google Relay Rides or i Go Car + zip code to find a location near you. This is an excellent way to be a car owner but drive less and even save money.

4. Eco Driving App – this Eco Driving app for your iPhone or Android device will allow you to drive using the most fuel efficient route via pre selected navigational directions. Simply enter in your current and desired location and an optimal route will be displayed that is meant to be the most fuel friendly. This is a good way to come up with alternate routes over time to arrive at your destination using less emissions, so a definite challenge for the eco minded. The app itself is free and available via iTunes or Google Play.

There are numerous eco apps, tools and gadgets available for us female drivers. The trick is making good use of this new tech to become a more Planet friendly citizen while also having fun in the process. What’s the point if it’s not fun, right?

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