Best ways to kick start your SEO plan

Best ways to kick start your SEO plan
March 12 12:39 2013

Introduction: Why you need an SEO plan

Every online company, and basically every company has its website, that is serious about its business operations needs to have an SEO plan. Search engine optimization, simply put, is how those who own a website increase the chances of web surfers discovering it when performing a search. Many companies hire SEO experts to make sure that certain keywords, taken from those that surfers might enter, occur within the text of the page with a certain frequency, so that when those keywords become the subject of a search the website will be at the top of the results list. For example, if the website in question is that of a business that sells toys for pets, the owner knows that people will be searching for words like “pet toys” or “pet recreation.” Therefore, he will want those and other such words to occur frequently on his site.

Sometimes an SEO plan needs to be “kickstarted” in the sense of made active and functioning again. It may have gone without attention or improvement for some time, and Internet traffic and business have both sagged during that period. When such a thing happens, it is time for action—time to revive the plan and take it to a higher level. This article will show how to do that.

How to come up with an effective SEO plan

There are so many possible SEO plans—perhaps as many as there are businesses—that finding one that works for you and your enterprise can be a difficult task, and keeping things up to par is even more difficult. But without such a plan in place, it is impossible to know whether you are improving or just “spinning your wheel.” That is why there are online businesses that help their clients with their SEO plans.

Establish your goals

Finding the right SEO plan will invariably involve formulating goals for your business. These goals can include both long- and short-term ones, but in either case they must be clearly stated and not vague, e.g. “I want to increase traffic by 10% by next month,” or “I want to make 5% more sales through online traffic next month” not “I want to more customers and sales.” Only in that way can you come up with an SEO plan that will suit those goals.

Three plans

It is a good tactic for every online business, regardless of its size, type or goals, to try to have at least three different kinds of SEO plans—a default and two backup plans. Here is how they should work:

  • A plan—should offer the greatest potential for growth; often called the “reality check” plan
  • B plan—the one that businessmen turn to when the A plan turns out to be too risky, complicated, expensive or time-consuming for their enterprise; gives them more time to earn the trust of their customers
  • C plan—usually less safe and more expensive than the B plan. It is this plan that should

One of the most common reasons why businesses get mediocre results is that everyone settles for the B plan. As a result of this choice, the client is frustrated, and the company ends up losing somebody who could have been a source of income for them.


You may have heard the old adage, “Patience is a virtue.” This is just as true for SEO plans as it is for any other aspect of life. Once you have set your plan in motion, you need to give it time to demonstrate its effectiveness since search engines take time to refresh and take note of your website changes. If you are so impatient that you jump to the conclusion that the plan is not working, you may make a rash decision that costs your business not only time, money and customers, but also some real positive growth.

Be Open to Taking Risks

While caution is a necessary part of being in business, so is risk. Again, there is the saying, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” If you take no risks at all, you will wind up with zero. An effective SEO plan will get you where you need to be and often requires that you look past some basic tactics and take some calculated risks in directions you had never considered before.

Katelyn Roberts is a SEO enthusiast who writes for UpCity, and loves to spread the word about new ways to improve your SEO.

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