4 Ways to Combat Blogging Boredom

4 Ways to Combat Blogging Boredom
March 17 22:09 2013

Writing about the same topic over and over again, regardless of your enthusiasm for that topic can become extremely boring.

Even if you have a tremendous amount of passion for the subject-matter you’ve chosen, putting in the kind of work and time involved in making that into a full-time blogging venture can absolutely cause you to become weary and bored of the process.

It’s like any job really; regardless of how much you love it, or how exciting it is, you eventually get tired of it and want something new. It’s just part of the human condition and part of the way that our brains deal with familiarity.

As bloggers, how are we to fight this tendency?

Before I list some specifics, it should be pointed out, that like any job, the only real way to get past it is to keep your head down and keep powering through the tasks at hand. You’ll have days where you feel inspired and interested, as well as days where you feel completely bored and the tasks involved seem mundane at best.

Remember though, these are the times that count. If you can keep your head down and work through the days that seem extremely boring, you’ll reap the benefits in due time.

Though aside from just powering through, there are some practical things you can do to combat your blogging malaise.

1. Reduce the frequency of your posts. — A lot of people are nervous about posting less, but it’s actually not likely to hurt your blog’s reputation. In fact, going from posting every day to only posting two or three times a week is widely viewed as a better blogging practice.

You’ll have more time to develop your ideas and will be less stressed by the feeling of “just having to come up with something.”

As an added benefit and side effect, you’re less likely to get bored with your topic.

2. Start a “second string” blog of another topic. — There’s nothing wrong with focusing your energy into one blog, but if you have enough expertise to write on another topic, start a second blog to break up the monotony of a one topic content stream.

The second blog is usually a nice break, since there’s no pressure and you can take your time writing the content. It’ll be much more enjoyable, and you might even get lucky enough to have that blog see the same kind of success as your first one.

3. Break up writing sessions. — There’s nothing wrong with writing half of your post one day, taking a break and re-visiting it to finish up the next day. You’ll be fresher, more aware of your article as a whole, and more motivated to finish strong instead of just piecing together a sloppy couple of paragraphs to get it over with.

This is one of the best ways to safeguard against bored-writing within a single post.

4. Develop an article outline before you start writing. — Some people really excel at just sitting down and banging out an article, but even they could benefit from a fully developed outline.

Outlines are easier to write than articles, and once you have one written, they make the writing process of a full blog post much simpler and smoother.

With your ideas already in front of you, you won’t have to pause to think about where you’re going to go or what you’re going to say next; instead it will all be in front of you as you go, which means a quicker sprint to the finish line and the publish button.

Don’t be afraid to put a good chunk of time into your outline. If you do, you’ll be far less likely to get bored during the actual writing process.


Like I’ve already stated, completely boredom-proofing your blog is impossible, as it’s definitely something you’ll have to deal with, especially early on, before your blog sees a lot of success. While the only honest solution is to press through it, you can use the above strategies to minimize the amount of time you write bored.

The more you can do that, the higher quality your writing will be overall. If you can develop that consistency, you’re well on your way to a successful and marketable website.

Kieran Fowler is passionate about web design. He loves blogging about new trends in the world of web graphics. Click to find out more about Webeden.

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