Google Docs: The best way to manage digital projects

Google Docs: The best way to manage digital projects
March 22 16:09 2013

Google Docs or call it Google Drive are some of the best tools available on the web, which gives you the option of going paperless by the options of collaboration and sharing. It is an array of different features and tools, which could be used in different combinations to meet your varying academic and professional requirements. The best part is that Google Docs is considered as one of the most user friendly online tool, which is best suited for managing a number of digital projects. The students working on several assignments including research papers, videos and other project works are seen leveraging Google Docs the most, whereas different businesses too are seen using it like a project management tool to coordinate different documents, tasks and efforts all the time. Considering the potentials of Google Docs, a couple of universities in United States are seen empowering the students with the Google Apps, which include the University of South Florida. In the same way, business houses also have adopted the same. Let’s check how Google Docs is one of the best ways to manage different digital projects.

Google Docs helps in collaborative writing

By sharing and commenting over your project work could give you an opportunity to get instant feedback over your writing projects from clients while working in different content development projects. In the same way, students too get the quicker feedback from their teachers and peers from their virtual classroom. You have several integrated reference tools and quite a few smart spell and grammar checking features, which help you in fixing a couple of spelling and grammatical errors in your digital projects. Also, the built in research tools can help you in getting a number of opportunity to engage with real time experts in your chosen niche area, which helps a lot in refining your writing or any other projects in a much better way. Students or professionals working on several sources of writing projects could leverage from Google Docs by integrating several features seamlessly with a tool called EasyBib.

Google Docs helps in creating and using templates

If you have your own team, which are currently working in your digital project, you need to instruct them with the starting points. At such junctures, Google Docs helps you a lot; a feature called Templates in it can help you in this. The templates in Google Docts are basically a virtual company machine, which could be used with any other Google Doc tool and put your instructions in the form of templates over it. Your team members could easily pick up their respective copies from these templates that are added over the Google Docs list, while the original document simply stays intact. You could find a number of user submitted templates, which are created and made available for public use with different categories. All you need to do is to choose as per your niche area.

Google Docs gives you the feature of Collaborative Brainstorming

This feature is found over the drawing components of the Google Docs, which are best suited option for online collaborative brainstorming sessions, which cater people with the opportunity to work together in a team to conceive different ideas. The digital brainstorming sessions render different students an opportunity to contribute unlike the traditional brainstorming sessions that allows the quick thinkers to come out with good contributions in any project work. You have the option of using different shapes, text, imported pictures and arrows, which can help you in building up a virtual map for your digital projects. You could use different colors to highlight and monitor different changes to any of the Google Doc files thus making things simple to see what others in your team has contributed in the project work.

Google Docs more beneficial than the Microsoft office

If you compare Google Docs with Microsoft office, which is also a popular tool for managing different digital projects, the former ones comes with extra edge over the latter. First of all Google Docs comes for free, it is cloud based and users get the chance to collaborating in the real time internet world. Earlier Google Docs were seen with certain limitations while comparing it with the MS Office, however, with passage of time Google managed to overcome these constraints and now it seems to give a tough fight to Microsoft. At the most primary levels, Google Docs help you in creating, editing and sharing a number of word documents, spreadsheets, forms, presentations and drawings. Also, you could upload and download a number of Microsoft office files straight to Google Docs without any hassle. In this way, it proves out to be the best tool for managing your different digital projects.

Final word

Google Docs seems to be evolving consistently by adding up new features and functions, hence has turned out to be the best resort for managing several digital projects. Whether you happen to be a student or a professional, it helps you in managing any freelance to bigger agency projects.

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