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Fonts and colors chosen for a website indicate the perception of the user, which affects the message being conveyed. Meanings of fonts and colors in the context of web design are briefly explained below.

Meanings of font choices:

Arial – stable and conformist type. Best for spread sheets, web headlines and power point presentations

Verdana – best for online test, math documents, computer programming, spreadsheets, powerpoint and instant messaging

Impact – Only for web headlines – Better to be avoided

Comic Sans – Youthful, casual and passive – may be used for web graphics, documents aimed at kids, and digital scrapbooking

Gigi – Judged suitable for e-greetings only – Better to be avoided

Web font usage: 34% use serif typeface for body copy. For headlines and body copy Georgia and Times New Roman are popular respectively. 60% of websites use sans-serif typefaces for headlines, mostly Arial, Verdana, Lucida Grande and Helvetica.

Effects of colors are given below.




Attracts attention. Keen use of red can immediately focus attention

on a particular element


Fun and flamboyant orange radiates warmth and energy


Optimism, enlightenment and happiness


Ideal backdrop in interior design

Natural green

Color of peace and ecology


Overwhelming favorite color. Trustworthy, dependable, and committed


Wisdom, self-mastery, and spiritual realization


Favorite color of adolescent girls


Youthful, fun and exciting


Stability, reliability and approachability


As a background color


Classic color for clothing


Purity, cleanliness and neutrality

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