Welcome to the future, here is your smartphone. forty-three percent of Americans are smartphone users, and they are proud of it. Smartphones have changed the way we interact with money, time, and each other. In some ways, communicating has never been easier, but at what cost?

We’re all glued to our phones from the moment we wake up in the morning to the moment we fall asleep (and even in between in some extreme, unfortunate cases).

Twenty-four percent of smartphone users check their phone while driving, a sickening 39 percent of users check their phone while in the restroom and 48 percent at the gym.

Now there is less separation between work and personal life, communication in relationships is nonstop and our kids are developing terrible eyesight and instant gratification issues. Is it worth it? Ask Siri.

Check out the infographic below to learn more about how smartphones affect our society.

Effects of Smartphones on Society
Image source: www.whocalledmyphone.net