7 Life Lessons That Can Be Learnt By Playing Minecraft

7 Life Lessons That Can Be Learnt By Playing Minecraft
July 11 02:46 2013

We all know that Minecraft is one of the most fun gaming experiences to be had today –but did you know that it’s full of invaluable life lessons as well? Here are the top 7 lessons that I took away while playing Minecraft.

Forest fires are bad for you (and the trees don’t like it either)

If you think smoking is bad for you then you haven’t seen what starting a forest fire can do. If Minecraft has taught us one thing it’s that taking a flint and steel to a leaf isn’t fun anymore. Once you’ve started that fire it will burn and burn until your entire world is on fire, which could be taken as a real life lesson. One simple action can have an effect on everything else in your world, so the moral of the story: don’t start a forest fire.

Keep it locked up, don’t let it escape

Whether it’s a cow that you’ve swindled back to your farm with a trusty handful of wheat or a pet that doesn’t like the postman, if it’s meant to be kept in a cage then that’s where it lives. Sure, we all love having animals around the house, but when your cow starts to re-colour the floor in your living room (if you know what I mean), then it becomes a problem.

Don’t be a John Smith

Nobody likes a copycat, so why claim that your mud hut is original and funky? Sitting down and designing the best windmill with a zombie mini-game on the inside whilst a giant redstone controlled chicken runs around killing sheep in the background is the only way you’re going to start impressing your friends, so make sure you look at the crowd and walk the opposite way. Trust me, it’s for the best.

You can always learn, even whilst having fun

Did you know that engineering classes at UK and US universities have even started to use redstone as a tool to aid their classes? That’s right, they’re using Minecraft to teach students how electronics work, so if your parents ever tell you to get off the PC and play outside, tell them you’re learning about electronics. They probably won’t believe you, but it’s true!

Do what you want to do and succeed

In Minecraft, if you want to make a train tack that spans across the entire world then you can, nothing is holding you back! Sure, you can read a guide that tell you to follow a certain strategy to keep alive, but half the fun is falling into that lava pit with your first batch of diamonds and dying, so do what you want to do with your (Minecraft) life and live how you want to!

Keep yourself busy

Minecraft doesn’t just kill time, it teaches you how to find something to do when you’re bored and channel your attention into a side project which you can enjoy in the long term, definitely useful!

Keep your damn eyes open

You might think you’re completely safe, but if you aren’t looking at the floor periodically then you might just fall into a massive hole. Now whether that’s into a cave or a metaphorical ditch that your life may drop into, it doesn’t matter. Focus on what you need to and watch out below!

Trev Mortimer is a Minecraft addict! He loves everything that has to do with Minecraft. He also contributes to GetMinecraftFroFree.org, a website where you can learn how to get Minecraft for free.

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