Four 007 Gadgets That Actually Exist

Four 007 Gadgets That Actually Exist
July 15 03:48 2013

If you’ve seen a James Bond film, you probably spent the following hours wishing you had your own personal Q. While you probably won’t be able to find a Sony Ericsson phone that explodes using a remote detonator disguised as a pack of Lucky Strikes, or a BMW equipped with machine guns, you can buy these ridiculously cool 007-esque gadgets for yourself and feel like a true MI6 operative. Bond babes not included.

1. Parajet Skycar

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This may sound like something out of the Jetsons or Back to the Future, but the Parajet Skycar is far from science fiction. The Skycar is among the world’s first consumer land-air hybrids. It’s street-legal, runs on biodiesel, and uses a large parachute to sail from destination to destination. Looking to make a quick Bond getaway? Consider the Parajet Skycar, selling at $81,700 as of 2009.

2. High-Definition Surveillance Devices

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So let’s say James Bond retires to a nice, secluded home in Ponta Delgada or the Faroe Islands. He still needs some gadgets for protection, right? For the domestic spy, hidden security cameras are invaluable in deterring arch nemeses from invading your home and stealing classified files.

The Wowwee Rovio, like Bond’s “Snooper” in A View to Kill, is a surveillance device that you can control remotely. The Rovio can patrol your house while you watch the video feed online. If you’re considering a Bond-style retirement, consider beefing up your security with the Wowwee Rovio or many other spy-like features available with wireless home security.

3. Two-Way Communicator Wristwatch

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Unfortunately, you won’t find the stylish Seiko Wristwatch communications gadget that Bond adorns in For Your Eyes Only, but there are a number of wristwatch walkie talkies available on the market. While not especially fashionable, devices like the AGPTek Wristwatch Walkie Talkie feature a range wide enough for small-time spying.

Or, if you preferred Bond’s Seiko 0674 wristwatch teleprinter, consider the sleek, minimalist Pebble, a wristwatch which connects to your phone via Bluetooth and notifies you of incoming calls and texts. And it tells time, too.

4. Spy Glasses

Spy Glass
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The James Bond films featured modified glasses in A View To Kill, The World Is Not Enough, and briefly Die Another Day. In these films, the glasses could see through tinted windows, detonate explosives, or use X-Ray vision to see through objects. Google’s upcoming product, Glass, on the other hand, is a Bond gadget for everyday life.

A heads-up display is constantly in view, giving the wearer indications of incoming phone calls and text messages, similar to the Pebble. But Glass does much, much more. The device responds to voice commands such as “Glass, record video,” or “Glass, call MI6 Headquarters,” allowing a guerilla spy on-the-go hands-free access to data gathering and communication with other spies.

You may not be a British spy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel like one. Equip any number of these gadgets, head to your nearest hotel lobby bar, and order yourself a martini — shaken, not stirred. You’ve earned it, operative.

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