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Posts From Nikki Peters

5 Fun and Funky Gadgets for 2012 0

Gadgets and technology have become integral to peoples daily lives. Whether it’s mobile phones, HD tv, blue ray disks, SatNav so you never get lost, each and every household has gadgets for everything. This

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5 Hot 2012 Election Apps For Phones, Tablets and Computers 0

With the American elections fast approaching, you may find it difficult to fit in the time to sit and watch or read endless arrays of news coverage. Polls on this and

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5 Alternatives For When Twitter Throws A Tantrum 8

Hold the phone! What’s that, Twitter is down? Don’t panic, I know its hard but it’s not the end of the world. Twitter does this occasionally, more so than any other

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5 Hot Pinterest Alternatives 3

Everyone has heard of Pinterest, it’s the hottest most popular social network of recent times. It allows you to collect and share your favourite online websites, images, anything in fact,

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Phones and Fashion: Is It All About The Apps? 2

When it comes to shopping for mobile phones, it can a jungle out there. Each brand telling you that they have the best features, best deals, their phones do everything

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3 Mobile Video Apps To Suit All Your Needs 1

In this day and age, it has never been more easy to use technology to capture a moment forever whether it be professional or social in content. It could a

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