Reddit is a social media site where users can submit links to articles, videos, images and more. Users can also share their own content (i.e. comments) with other Reddit members. It’s basically a place where the best of the internet gathers in one community. But what if you want to see your contributions be rewarded for good work? How does that happen on Reddit? 

Well, it’s actually pretty simple and it’s not too different than any other online voting system. You could say it’s like a popularity contest where you have an opportunity to earn points just by being awesome. You get more votes as more people click or “upvote” your submission. So, how do these points work? 

A point is awarded to a user when someone clicks “upvote” on their post. A +1 is given to a post with 1-5 points, which gives the author 1 point per click. If you’re curious about how many points are earned every day, check out this chart from /r/redditmetrics. 

As you might expect, there are plenty of ways to gain more points on Reddit. Here are some of the methods you can use to get more points on the website. 

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Post Better Content 

The first method to improve your score would be to post better content. Your posts should engage readers and help them learn something new. If your posts aren’t interesting enough, then no one will want to read them and they won’t receive any votes. Your posts may also need to be well written so you don’t lose readers along the way. 

Write Longer Posts 

Another important tip is to write longer posts with fewer sentences. This helps keep your readers entertained while they wait for the next part of your post. To make sure you don’t bore your readers, try writing a few paragraphs before posting a link. 

Use Images 

Images can really enhance your post because they provide value without boring your audience. They can also break up long texts and help your reader focus on something specific. 

Submit Original Content 

Another option to improve your Reddit score is to create original content. Submitting unique articles or videos that others haven’t seen before can increase your score. Plus, submitting original content makes it easier for visitors to find your content. 

Be Active 

Last but certainly not least, you need to be active on Reddit. You can become more popular by actively engaging with the community through commenting and submissions. This will help increase the amount of traffic, upvotes, views, likes and subscribers you receive. 

How do Reddit points work? 

After you’ve submitted excellent content, you’ll start to see your scores go up. But did you know that you can also get karma points by simply visiting other user’s posts? And not only that, you can even get karma points from submitting other people’s posts! It’s all thanks to Reddit’s Karma System. 

Here’s how the Karma System works: 

When you visit another user’s subreddit, you get a number of points based on how much time you spend viewing their submission. To calculate your total Karma points, multiply the number of points you received by the number of days since you joined Reddit. 

For example, if you spent 30 minutes scrolling down a list of submissions, you’d get 20 points. However, if you spent two hours reading everything on the page, you’d earn 160 points. When you look at the Reddit leaderboard, you’ll see everyone’s total Karma points listed below each username. 

Karma points are calculated based on the following rules: 

  • Each Reddit account has a maximum of 3,000 points 
  • No one person can reach over 10 million points 
  • Any action, including browsing the front page, will count toward your Karma points 
  • Every account gets points when you upvote other people’s submissions. 
  • So, if you’re wondering how you can get more Karma points, here are a couple tips to remember: 
  • Upvote posts that you enjoy reading and watching. 
  • Comment on other people’s posts. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions or suggest edits. 
  • Take a look at our article on how to get more Reddit upvotes. 

Do You Want More Upvotes? 

There are tons of ways to get more Reddit upvotes besides the ones mentioned above. There are subreddits that cater to people who want to share their opinions or ideas as well as those who want to learn new things. If you want to earn more Reddit upvotes, you’ll have to join them and participate in the discussions. You can also post your questions or suggestions in the comment section of other users’ submissions. 

And if you’re looking for more information on how to get Reddit upvotes, you can always check out our article on Reddit upvotes and our guide to getting more Reddit upvotes.