Over the last year I have heard countless times to know your INFLUENCERS; put them on lists. This has been one of my hardest areas of growth because I don’t want to make friends because of what I can get from them. My friendships and relationships mean everything. However, recently I skyped a friend and he took me back in time to my coffeehouse days. He stated, “Were there relationships you made with other people in your industry that could help you. Perhaps they were better then you at making coffee, growing coffee, tricks with coffee?”

Everything changed. I got it. There were even people on my Facebook PAGE as friends that were influencers – right under my nose every day and I am not paying attention (some people can name drop here – I just can’t bring myself too). After much maneuvering with the new LISTS feature on Facebook I discovered a trick.


LISTS are a way to keep your friends/family/co-workers/etc organized. Plus, you can filter the information that goes out and comes in to specific people. CLOSE FRIENDS is where you are supposed to add your best friends so you receive EACH TIME THEY POST Facebook does NOT notify a person when they are put on your CLOSE FRIENDS list.


The trick is simple and quick. Take the people that are influential ”cool, edgy, people that can help you in your business plus you can learn so much for them” and add them to your CLOSE FRIENDS list.

PLUS, add YOUR CUSTOMERS to the CLOSE FRIENDS list. Give them the attention they deserve. Don’t miss anything.


Go to the person’s page that is a friend. There is a Friends box with a checkmark next to it. Highlight over it and move the checkmark to the top choice which is called CLOSE FRIENDS. After you do this, that friend will have a gold star next to it.