The storage in Minecraft is the perfect place to build your dream home with all of your favorite items. It’s also the perfect place to put a lot of your items that you want to keep safe but don’t need right now. We’ve got five great tips for building storage in Minecraft, and if you’re new to Minecraft it can be pretty intimidating when you first start playing, especially if you’re not familiar with its inventory system. There are tons of different ways to store your items, but you’ll find that most of them aren’t very effective. The best way to get started building your own storage space is by using our tips to help you out. 

  1. If You Want To Keep Things Hidden From Your Neighbors…Keep Them In Your Storage! 

If you want to keep things hidden from other players, then there is no better place than inside your own storage! Not only will this allow you to hide your items, but it will prevent you from being robbed by other players, as well. This doesn’t mean they won’t see what you have, though. They will still see everything except for what is in storage. 

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  1. Build Walls Around Your Storage 

Not only does this provide extra security against other players trying to rob you, it will also give the outside world an indication that there is something valuable inside. Once you’ve built walls around your storage, make sure to add torches or lanterns so you can easily see anything that is in that area. 

  1. Add Doors And Windows As Needed 

When you’re building your storage, don’t bother adding doors and windows until you feel like it. When you do add these features, be sure to use them wisely. For example, if you decide to add a door to your storage, make sure that there isn’t another door somewhere else on the map. If you are going to attach a window to your storage, try to think about how you would like to view it, whether it is facing up or down. 

  1. Make Sure That Everything Is Leveled Before Adding Furniture Or Decorations 

This tip may seem obvious, but it is important nonetheless. Don’t forget to level your storage before you ever begin decorating it. By leveling your storage, you will ensure that every item that you put into it is at the same height. If one of the items is higher or lower than the others, it will look terrible. Also, think about where you want to put each piece of furniture. Do you want it near the door? Near the ceiling? At the bottom of the stairs? Make sure that you consider these factors carefully because it could cause some serious problems if you end up placing the wrong piece of furniture in the wrong spot. 

  1. Try Keeping Items Out Of Sight Inside Your Storage 

One of the easiest ways to keep people from stealing your stuff is to just keep it hidden. When you are creating your storage, make sure that you create a false wall. You can also try hiding certain items in different rooms within your storage. For example, you can leave a stack of books on top of the bed, then bury some gold underneath it so that it looks as though nothing is there. 

While the above tips are good for beginners, experienced players should know that they cannot rely on the game itself to keep their belongings safe. If you want to keep your items protected, you should buy a lockbox. These boxes will protect your items while they are stored safely inside your home. However, if you plan on keeping more than a few items in your storage, we recommend buying multiple lockboxes to save money. 

Now that you know our tips for building storage in Minecraft, you should be able to start planning out the perfect home for yourself. Just remember that it takes time and patience to build storage space, and it’s even harder to build a house. So take your time, relax, and enjoy the process! 

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